It is a multi-player network game where each player manages a company which is part of a supply chain. You can simulate multiple suppliers levels and several supply networks.

real time

You must make decisions and react quickly. implexa performs all calculations in real time (costs, inventory levels, lead-time, bullwhip effect, etc.), and graphically displays the results instantly. All digital, on your screen, without papers or hand calculations.

ready to play

You do not have to install anything on your computer. Everything is ready for use. You only need a browser and internet connection. So you can focus your attention on teaching your students how complex and exciting logistics is.


implexa works on multiple devices and operating systems (PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS). implexa’s modern interface automatically adapts to the resolution and orientation of your screen.

It's a new way of learning supply chain management

"exciting, funny, a real challenge"... enjoy the implexa experience!

some images and screenshots

the student's point of view:

  • scorecard
  • automatic calculations of costs, inventories, lead-time, etc.
  • real-time graphs
  • fast and easy to use
  • no installations, ready to use in your browser
  • multi device and multi operating system
  • user and password validation
  • user manual included

the perspective of the professor:

  • detailed results of all companies in the supply chain
  • overall results of whole supply chain
  • costs, service levels, lead time, inventory, orders, etc.
  • graphical visualization of the bullwhip effect
  • calculating the demand amplification ratio
  • export results to .CSV data files
  • export graphs to (.png, .jpg, .svg) image files
  • network display
  • game setup panel
  • full database access

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